Vintage-Zine 1


Digital Edition: Vintage-Zine 1
Pages: 60
File: PDF
Mb: 28.6

= List of Featured People =

RetroCat – Retro Blogger
Woody Ellen – Belgian Designer
Lily Porcelaine – Old Paris – Christophe Mourthé
Vintage Carousel – Yvonne Sophie T.
Irina Voorhees – Old Hollywood Style
C’est Jeanne – Glove Designer
Cherry Belle – Jacob Breaux
Elva Vintage – Joerg Boeh
Berta Von Ulrich – Christian Pörschke
Frou-Frou – Miss Eva


Wow! We are very excited to present our first edition of Vintage-Zine. We hope you all love this new magazine as we did creating it.
To start we have Lily Porcelaine on our cover by the talented art photographer Christophe Mourthé. Lily is very passionate about vintage fashion, and for the followers of her Instagram, they will know that. We have Irina Voorhees with a big passion for Old Hollywood and modelling. Berta Von Ulrich got inspired by a friend for Vintage Fashion and never looked back. We are so pleased to have a feature with Woody Ellen, the Belgian Handbag Designer with her stylish retro items with flower designs and many more…


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